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Essay on Proper use of Holiday by Students

Holiday brings delights to the students, because holidays provide them recreation and rest. A vacation generally comes after numerous days of toil and hard work. So it is no wonder when a school boy expresses joy when a holiday arrives. All students eagerly wait for holidays.

Importance of proper warehousing and Stockpiling during the time of disaster

At the national level, the central government, maintains buffer stocks of essential items to cater to fluctuating demand pattern. In case of food items, the inventory is maintained by the Food Corporation of India of the Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies, with their warehouses located all over the country.

How to maintain proper office manual ?

An office manual is an authoritative guide to the organisation and it is available in the form of printed booklet. It is prepared to set up plans and policies of the organization and serve as a guide to the executives.

How to maintain proper office routine ?

Office routine is a planned sequence of operations for handling recurring business transactions uniformly. Office routine occupies a significant part of office system and it consists of a number of steps involved in doing a piece of work.

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