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Marketing Communication

Marketing communication involves sharing of meaning, information and concepts by the source and the receiver about products and services and about the firm selling them. Marketing communication is undertaken by marketer through the devices of promotion. We have different types of communication to accelerate the spreading over of marketing communication. Learn about:- 1. Introduction and […]

Meaning of Personal Selling

Personal selling involves selling through a person-to-person communications process. This direct and inter personal communication gives immediate feedback from the receiver. This communication process, known as dyadic communication helps companies to tune the message suitable to the respective buyers. Personal selling often plays an important role in industrial firms. Personal Selling is one of the […]

Types of Advertising Media

Everything you need to know about the types of advertising media. Advertising media are the means to transmit the message from the advertiser to the particular class of people. The advertisements may be classified into different categories, based on various forms of media. Media of advertising means any object or any device which is used […]

What is Personal Selling?

Everything you need to know about personal selling. Personal selling is a promotional tool that has been contributing significantly to the sales in organizations since the industrial age. Earlier, firms used hawkers and peddlers for door-to-door selling, which still stand tall. But, today many more modern approaches of selling are being adopted to bring in […]

How to write Congratulations Letter on Promotion?

The promotion of a person in his job speaks of his talents and competence. Such an occasion calls for congratulations. It conveys the message that you find your happiness in his happiness.

What is Agricultural Promotion and Investment Corporation of Orissa Limited ?

The “Agricultural Promotion and Investment Corporation of Orissa Limited (APICOL)” was set up by the Government of Orissa in the year 1996. The objective behind the formation of “APICOL” is to increase investments in agriculture and shifting the traditional orthodox type of agriculture into commercial and competence type of agriculture.

Write a short note on Promotion and Demotion in office

The placement of an old employee in a higher post with more monetary benefits and greater responsibility is termed as promotion. The ambition of each and every employee is to get promoted and deprived of such promotion loses the interest of the employees in work.

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