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Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting is the task of projecting the future demand of a firm. The demand forecast indicates how much of a product is likely to be sold during a specified future period in a specified market, at specified prices. Demand forecasting serves as the starting point for practically each and every activity. It enables the firm to identify its precise [...]

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Types of Advertising Media

There are many choices available to the advertiser for the media. Effectively mixing these media is an important part of designing quality advertising. To do so the advantages and disadvantages of each individual medium should be understood so that the advertising campaign features successful combinations.   Some of the types of advertising media are:- 1. Mass Media 2. Print Media [...]

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Product Life Cycle Stages

Like human beings products also have a life span. The product life cycle begins when after going through the various stages of development it is introduced into the market for the first time on a commercial basis. After its introduction it passes through various stages till it is finally abandoned i.e., discontinued from the market. The product life cycle, helps [...]

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Consumer Behaviour

"Consumer behaviour may be defined as that behaviour exhibited by people in planning, purchasing and using economic goods and services. If the marketing executives possess an adequate understanding of consumer behaviour, the overall effect of their marketing effort would be enormously successful.” Consumer behaviour is the decision process and physical activity individuals engage in when evaluating, acquiring, using, or disposing [...]

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Marketing Research

The terms 'Market Research' and 'Marketing Research' are often loosely used to have the same meaning. But there is a distinction between the two. Marketing research is concerned with the entire sphere of distribution while Market Research only deals with the problem of the market in the narrow sense of the term. The essential task of Marketing Research is that [...]

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Product Meaning

A product consists of a bundle of utilities involving various product features and accompanying services. These utilities are created by a set of tangible, physical and chemical attributes assembled in an easily identifiable form. The product has a descriptive name and a brand name for easy identity. A product can range from being a high-end customized offer like Ferrari Cars [...]

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What is Branding?

Branding literary means 'creating an identity'. Ranchers having hoards of cattle used to create the identity of their cattle by marking them in such a way that thieves could not remove the marks and destroy their identity. This was called branding. Normally, branding used to be done by burning the skin of cattle with a logo. Branding is the process [...]

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Marketing Communication

Marketing communication involves sharing of meaning, information and concepts by the source and the receiver about products and services and about the firm selling them. Marketing communication is undertaken by marketer through the devices of promotion. We have different types of communication to accelerate the spreading over of marketing communication. Learn about:- 1. Introduction and Meaning to Marketing Communication 2. [...]

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Pricing Methods

Pricing method is the method followed in determining the price of a product. Pricing method must be appropriate in achieving the pricing objectives. There are many methods of pricing and each one of them is appropriate for achieving a particular pricing objective or combination of pricing objectives. The three major categories of methods used to establish product prices are cost-oriented [...]

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New Product Development

New Product Development is the process of designing, building, operating, and maintaining a good or device. Software and internet companies use a product development process to ensure that they are not just manufacturing a technology, but creating a product that people will want to buy and continue to use. New product development is development of altogether new product so far [...]

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