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Why do Economic problems arise?

Economic problem arises mainly due to two reasons- (i) human wants are unlimited (ii) means to satisfy human wants are scarce.

What are the problems faced in providing Physical Education to students?

Necessary steps should be taken to eradicate such practice. Physical activities can be educative when there is sufficient time for them. But the overcrowded curriculum of the school and double shift in schools stand on the way of effective organization of physical activities.

Short essay on solutions to Unemployment Problems in India

Among the various socioeconomic problems, which our country is facing today, the problem of unemployment is one of the most serious Unemployment is defined as condition of a person who is willing to work but unable to find a paying job.

Education and youth problems in India

True education is a different matter. Its function is to build an integrated personality. There should be a simultaneous and harmonious growth of our body and mind, senses and spirit.

Essay on the problems of untouchability in India

Untouchability is another major problem of Rural India. It is basically a rural problem. Its seeds are only found in rural soils. Untouchability is an ancient concept traditionally.

Notes on the Major problems of Rural Society in India

The Rural Society of India is very much backward. It backwardness is very much due to the several problems that haunt the Rural Society. The process of change is very slow and so the problems are more or less age old in recent years, the process of change has been accelerated and so new problems […]

7 essential problems of Vocationalisation of Education and Their Remedies

All the while more respect has been paid to the intellectual activity than physical labour. On the basis of work or labour, the caste system has been built in India. The roots of division of labour based on thousands of years of caste system have gone deep into our society.

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