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What are the criticism against Principles of Syndicalism?

What are the criticism against Principles of Syndicalism? Critics point out that it is doubtful that a General Strike can be achieved in the way Sorel expected. It is said that if the workers are firm in their stand..

12 essential Principles of Educational Finance

12 essential Principles of Educational Finance. All allocation of funds to education should be determined by the educational budget and priorities to various sectors should be made within the sphere of education itself.

What are the five basic principles of Panch sheel?

What are the five basic principles of Panch sheel? Panch sheel refers to the five principles of peaceful co-existence which were enunciated in the preamble to the agreement signed between India and China on April 29, 1954 with regard to Tibet.

Notes on the ten principles of disease control and prevention

Communicable diseases can be controlled and prevented by adequate measures which involve: 1. Diagnosis 2. Notification 3. Isolation 4. Treatment 5. Quarantine 6. Investigation 7. Disinfection 8. Blocking of transmission 9. Immunization 10. Health education.

Notes on the essential principles of first aid emergency care

The principles of First Aid are based on the principles of practice of medicine and surgery. The aim of first aid is to preserve life, promote recovery and prevent injury or illness until medical aid is obtained. The responsibilities of First Aider end as soon as medical aid is available.

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