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7 essential objectives of pre-approach in salesmanship

7 essential objectives of  pre-approach are: 1. To provide additional information, 2. To select the best approach to meet the prospects, 3. To obtain information for planned presentation, 4. To avoid serious mistakes, 5. To meet the prospects with confidence and enthusiasm, 6. To save time and energy, 7. To be successful in the sales-interview.

What are the essential sources of pre-approach ?

There are a number of sources of collecting information on pre-approach. These sources are: Self observation. Local newspapers. Fellow salesman. Prospects. Sales office. Directories.

What are the main Objectives of pre-approach ?

The main objectives of pre-approach are (i) To provide additional qualifying information. (ii) To design an effective approach strategy; (iii) To better the planning information;(iv) To avoid serious errors; and (v) To build confidence.

Write a brief note on Pre-Approach in relation to salesmanship?

Of the total six stages of selling process, the final consecutive stages except the first deal with actual sales interview. Therefore, pre-approach is the first stage on the sales interview Pre-approach means getting more detailed facts about a specific individual or organization to have effective appeals to his or its mind.

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