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10 Essential Powers and Functions of the Prime Minister of India

The Prime Minister occupies a unique position of power and prestige. His powers and functions are: He prepares the list of the council of ministers. The president cannot drop any name from this list; The Prime Minister distributes the work to the different ministers.

Powers and Functions of the Governor of India

The Governor is appointed for a period of five years, but holds the office at the pleasure of the President. He may be removed by the President before the expiry of his term or he may even resign.

Powers and functions of the Chief Minister of any state of India

The leader of the party that commands absolute majority in the Vidhan Sabha is appointed by the Governor as the Chief Minister. When no party secures the required majority, the Governor uses his discretion in appointing the Chief Minister.

What are the powers and functions of the Governor?

The Constitution confers on the Governor a large number of powers which may be classified under the following heads-namely (1) Executive, (2) Legislative, (3) Financial. (4) Judicial, and (5) Miscellaneous.

What are the Functions and Powers of the Indian Parliament?

The main Functions and Powers of the Indian Parliament are : (a) Law making (b) Control over Executives (c) Amending power and etc. The Constitution of India enumerates the powers and functions of the Indian Parliament in Chapter II of Part V of the constitution.

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