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The theory of separation of powers explained

The theory of separation of powers explained. It is usual to divide the activities of a modern government in three parts, viz., legislative, executive and judicial. Corresponding to these three functions there are..

10 essential powers of the president of India

The powers and functions that have been vested in the President of India may be classified under the following heads. The Executive powers, Legislative powers, Military powers, Diplomatic powers, judicial powers, financial powers and Emergency powers.

Essential Powers of the vice President of India

The Constitution of India provides for a Vice-President whose role in the Government is comparatively insignificant. This office is sometimes compared with the office of the American Vice-President who is addressed as “His Superfluous Highness” for his meaningless presence in the administrative and constitutional set up.

Notes on the powers of the prime minister of India

The Prime Minister of India occupies a privileged position in the country as head of the Council of Minister. In reality the powers vested in the President of India are exercised under the direction and supervision of the Prime Minister. That is why he is accepted as the defacto head of the executive.

Notes on the powers of the council of Ministers in the state (India)

The states under the Indian Constitution are organized on the pattern of the Centre. The basis of organization being Parliamentary form of government. Although constitution vests the executive power of the state in the Governor, in practice these powers are exercised by the state Council of Ministers with the Chief Minister at the head.

Notes on the powers of the Chief Minister of India

The Chief Minister occupies a very important place in state administration as leader of the state Council of Ministers. His powers, position and authority are more or less similar to those of the Prime Minister of the country.

Notes on the Montesquieu Theory of separation of powers

The functions of the government are vast and varied. It is necessary to entrust these functions to specific organs, so that the responsibility for performing these functions may be effectively fixed.

What are the powers provided to the company Board in India?

As the company is an artificial person, it acts through its directors. The directors enjoy such powers as are given to them by the act, memorandum or article. Section 291 to 293-A contains the powers of the board and the restrictions thereon…

Arbitrator: His appointment, powers and duties

An arbitrator is person selected by mutual consent of the parties to settle the matters in controversy between them. A person appointed to adjudicate the difference is called an arbitrator. An arbitrator is a tribunal…

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