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What is the Need of Population Education?

The need of Population Education is intensely felt in recent years on the wake of unprecedented population explosion. The consequences are discussed below:

Notes on the Meaning and Definition of Population Education

The greatest threat to mankind’s existence is from the unchecked multiplication of his own species, especially in the developing countries of Asia and Africa. The uneven distribution of population in the world has severely affected the fragile ecological balance in many countries.

Curriculum and Method of Teaching of Population Education

At different levels of education, population education should be imparted through different subjects and co-curricular activities. Information about population can be included in the subjects like geography, history, civics, literature etc. Co-curricular Activities.

Notes on Population Versus Sample Survey

Statistical studies primarily depend on adequate and reliable information. The investigator first examines the ‘preliminaries to data collection’ before actually collecting data.

How to control the population in India ?

Population explosion is the main obstacle to the smooth development of the Indian economy. Since this problem is getting intense day by day, it is obvious to take appropriate measures to keep it under control by lowering the birth rate.

663 words article on population

The Industrial Revolution has changed the entire situation. Today man depends upon goods and machinery produced by industries almost totally to meet his daily needs.

545 words essay on Population explosion in India

Population explosion is the most serious problem facing our country today. With 16 per cent of the world’s population, India is toady the second largest populations’ country in the world.

Essay on the problem of over-population in India

The term ‘over-population’ is relative. In a primitive rural economy, the people wanted children in order to have more hands to work on the field. The larger the number of workers, the greater the production, and the more the earning for having enough food for all; a large population was not a problem.

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