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What is the difference between State and Citizen?

A study of exact relationship between state and citizen is the fundamental concern of political science. For state wants maximum authority and citizen wants maximum liberty. The difference between State and Citizen described in the following paragraphs:

What is the difference between State and Society?

The following are some of the differences between the State and Society. Society is defined as “a collection of individuals held together by certain enduring relationship in Pursuit of common ends.

What is the difference between State and Government?

In a popular talk the terms the ‘State’ and Government” are very often used synonymously. Common people use them in an identical sense. Even the king like Louis XIV ignored this distinction when he said. “I am the State”.

What is the difference between Politics and Political Science?

The difference between “Politics” and “Political Science”. Modern writers make a distinction between “politics “and “political Science” Sir Frederic Pollock, for the first time, breaks up the subject into two parts, viz (i) Theoretical politics and (ii) Practical or Applied politics.

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