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Analysis of the poem “The Sun Rising” by John Donne

The Sun Rising is one of Donne’s popular and widely read and enjoyed love poems. It is love poem of an unusual kind. In this poem, composed in the form of a dramatic monologue, the poet lover reprimands the Sun and calls it names for disturbing love making.

Here is the summary of the poem:- “A Psalm of Life”

Life is not full of sadness. It is an empty dream. A dream presents many pleasant many pleasant things which vanish as soon as it breaks. Similarly, some pessimistic people consider life as unreal and empty as dream.

Summary of the Poem “The Telephone” by Robert Frost

Robert Frost is considered the purest classical poet of America. His voice has been recognised as the voice of New England. His poems celebrate the countryside of New Hampshire. His poetry also expresses his love of the simple rustics.

How a poem does come into the mind of the poet?

How does a poet get his poems? Or, rather, how do poems come into the mind of the poet? That is not an easy question to answer. But it may be interesting to find out something about it.

Write a brief note on the form and structure of a poem

When we read a poem, the first thing that calls our attention is its form. Form refers to the way the poem is built. In other words, form means structure. In this context versification and diction, need special mention. In fact, versification and diction form the form.

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