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How to Render Personal Guidance to students?

How to Render Personal Guidance to students? First of all, the essential information or data concerning the individual, who needs personal or psychological guidance, should be collected.

Short Biography of Balasaraswati | Personal life, Family, Career

Short Biography of Balasaraswati !  Personal life, Family, Career. At the age of 7, in 1925 when T. Balasaraswati was presented to the world in the Ammanakshi temple, Kancheepuram one could see the picture sequences of poet Keats in the ‘talam’ (rhythm) in her feet, the ‘mudrai’ (gestures) of her hands and ‘abhinayam’

Difference between National Income and Personal Income

National income is an earning concept whereas personal income is a receiving concept. National income signifies what is earned by the normal residents of a country whereas personal income signifies what factors actually get whether they earn it or do not earn it.

What is the importance of Personal Selling for the growth of business ?

There are certain marketing situations where personal selling is more relevant as it provides easy and effective answers to the multi-dimensional sales problems. The situations or the conditions favouring personal selling can be lumped into four broad categories namely, Market-Product-Consumer and the Company.

What is the difference between Personal Staff and Specialist Staff?

The staff attached to individual line officers are called personal staff. The primary duty of a personal staff is to perform routine functions of line executive and helps line executive in providing necessary information. The best examples of personal staffs are private assistants (PA) or Private Secretary.

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