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6 most important features of permanent tissues

6 most important features of permanent tissues. The tissues in which the power of division of cells is lost, either permanently or temporarily called perma­nent tissues. Permanent tissues develop from the derivatives of various meristems.

Essay on War As a Permanent Condition of Mankind

Essay on War As a Permanent Condition of Mankind. From time immemorial, great thinkers and philosophers have been trying to uncover the mainsprings of action in the human mind.

How to remove permanent Hardness from water?

Permanent hardness of water can be a removed by the following ways: Soda removes both temporary and permanent hardness. It is also inexpensive and easy to use. This makes it the ideal substance for softening water in the home.

Are the stars we see permanent in the Universe?

Stars are the heavenly bodies that are extremely hot and incandescent (have light of their own). Stars are in reality huge glowing balls of hot gases. Stars are mainly made up of hydrogen. They also contain some helium and dust.

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