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What were the uses of sociology in contemporary period?

What were the uses of sociology in contemporary period? Of the various social science, sociology seems to be the youngest. It is gradually developing. Still it has remarkable progress. Its uses are recognized widely today.

Short period: Various types of short-run cost curves explained

Short period: Various types of short-run cost curves explained. Short period is a period of time which is not sufficient enough to allow supply to be fully adjusted with the increased demand. In short-period certain inputs can’t be increased or decreased.

Essay on Religion in Later Vedic Period

In the later Vedic period the religious conditions had undergone a change, some of the old beliefs and practices of the Rig Vedic period continued to be in vogue.

Short Essay on Religion in Rig Vedic Period

The Rig Vedic religion was very simple and the people worshipped various forces and phenomena of nature. Thus they worshipped sky, surya, human forms and bestowed them with human qualities. The various gods worshiped by the people during the Rig Vedic period can be classified into three categories:

How to store your clothes at home for long period ?

All types of clothing’s, whether it is household linens or personal clothing, in order to last long, look fresh and pleasing, need, a lot of care, not only while washing and finishing, but also while storing these clothes.

Notes on the history of Mauryan Period

It was a period of economic prosperity, important development in religious thinking and artistic achievements. Megasthenes came to India as the ambassador of the Greek ruler Seleucus. The earliest stone buildings were based on wooden models.

Art and Architecture of India During Medieval Period

The coming of the Turks inaugurated a new era in the history of Indian architecture. They brought with them architectural ideas developed in Persia, Arabia and Central Asia. They came into contact with the traditions that had already been developed in India.

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