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Brief notes on Gunmen Storm Fiji’s Parliament

Masked gunmen, armed with AK47 rifles, stormed Fiji’s Parliament in Suva and took first Prime Minister of India origin Mahendra Pal Choudhary and his entire Cabinet hostage on May 19, 2000.

Complete information on the Functions of the Indian Parliament

The Parliament has the power to frame new laws, and to amend or repeal the existing ones. These may be related to subjects from the union list or the concurrent list. In certain circumstances, it can also enact laws on the subjects of the state list.

What are the Functions and Powers of the Indian Parliament?

The main Functions and Powers of the Indian Parliament are : (a) Law making (b) Control over Executives (c) Amending power and etc. The Constitution of India enumerates the powers and functions of the Indian Parliament in Chapter II of Part V of the constitution.

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