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Here is your short paragraph on Logic

Logic is the study of the methods of evaluating arguments. An argument is a set of propositions consisting of one or more premises and a conclusion. The premises claim to provide reasons in support of the conclusion.

Paragraph on Nepal and Bhutan

Nepal and Bhutan are independent kingdoms. Nepal is a Hindu state. Today Bhutan enjoys special relations with India but China has not readily accepted the position.

Write a brief note on Prospecting

The first step in the sales process is that of locating prospective customers. Prospecting is the process by which a sales person gets new customers. It is also known as “cold calling “, “hunting steel” or “pounding the pavement”.

550 words an essay on king Ashoka

The Mauryans ruled India from 322 B.C., to 15 B.C. Chandragupta Maurya, the first king in the dynasty ruled from 322 B.C., to 298 B.C. Ashoka, who was the third in line ascended the throne at the very early age of 20 years in 273 B.C. and ruled for a long period of 41 years, […]

Write a short note on Phyllotaxy

The mode of arrangement of leaves on the shoot is called phyllotaxy. It is very important to the plant because the leaves are arranged in such a way that there is maximum exposure of leaves to sunlight with minimum overlapping.

Write a short note on Phylloclade

Phylloclade is an aerial modified stem. It is flattened and green with nodes and internodes. Leaves are modified into spines. The phylloclade is normally developed in xerophytic plants.

Write a short note on Runner

It is a sub-aerial stem modification which grows prostrate in all directions above the soil surface. It has creeping stem with long internodes.

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