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Write a short note on Energy Currency of Cells

A.T.P. i.e., the adenosine triphosphate is known as the energy currency of the cell. In all living cells energy released in exergonic reaction is stored within a chemical compound called A.T.P. The cells deposit extra energy as lipids, glycogen or as carbohydrates.

How to maintain good work flow in your office ?

Flow of work is concerned with the passing of work from one operation to another or from one stage to another. The way on which a particular work moves from one operation to another is called a flow of work.

What are the advantages of using office machine?

Now-a-days machines are becoming more and more essential to the efficient running of a modern office. A few years ago type­writers alone was found in offices, but today we have machines for almost all operations.

Write a short paragraph on The National Flag of India

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru presented the National Flag of India to the Constituent Assembly of India on July 22, 1947. Our National Flag is rectangular in shape and is made from cotton, khadi, wool or silk cloth.

Useful facts about Physical Features of India

Useful facts about Physical Features of India : 1. The Himalayan Mountains are a series of mountains ranges stretching from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh. They protect our country in many ways. 2. They contain some of the highest mountain peaks in the world.

What are the different types of pollution made by man ?

Man is the most dominant and capable organism who can influence and alter his habitats. Various human activities have posed problems to other organisms in the same manner as the over dominance of a tiger in a forest would do to deer and zebras.

What are the various essential uses of water ?

Various uses of water are given are: (i) For drinking purpose (ii) For washing, bathing and cooking etc. (iii) For building construction (iv) For the generation of steam for industrial use and electricity generation (v) For generating hydroelectricity.

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