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What is the importance of nutrition for our health ?

There is an increased demand for nutrition during preg­nancy particularly in the second half of pregnancy. The major portion of the protein is acquired by the foetus in the three months prior to birth.

Short notes on Food, Nutrition, Health, Nutrients

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. It is more than other basic needs shelter and clothing. For ages, we have acquired plenty of information’s about the use food as a part of our community social, national and religious life.

Write a short note on Saprophytic nutrition

Organisms feed on dead or decaying organic matter are called saprophytes and their mode of nutrition as saprophytic nutrition (GK. Sapros- rotten, trophos-feeder).

Write a short note on Heterotrophic nutrition

Organisms incapable of utilizing CO2 (inorganic carbon) as the sole source of carbon and obtain water, minerals and organic compounds from other organisms are called heterotrophs and the mode of nutrition as heterotrophic nutrition.

Why is nutrition important for maintaining good health ?

Nutrition includes all those processes of a living being whereby it takes food, digests it, and utilizes the digested materials for (i) its survival, (ii) growth, and (iii) repair of worn-out parts the body.

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