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Short Note on Fisheries

Fisheries help in augmenting food supply, generating employment, raising nutritional level and earning foreign exchange.

Short Notes on Two-Nation Theory

The ‘two nation’ theory was put forward by the Muslim League led by Mr. Jinnah. According to this theory, India consisted of two separate nations inhabited by the Hindus and the Muslims.

Brief note on the term demand

Generally, desire and demand are treated as synonyms but there is a vast difference between these two terms in economics. By desire we mean the desire to have a commodity. The phenomenon of unlimited wants is the result of such a desire. However, every desire is not a demand.

Brief note on elasticity of demand

The law of demand states that that there is and inverse relationship between price and quan­tity demanded. However, it does not explain as to how much change will take place in demand as a result of a given change in price.

Brief note on the concept of depreciation

During a year, the value of fixed assets (such as machines, buildings, equipments, etc.) declines due to wear and tear and obsolescence. This decline in the value of fixed assets is known as consumption of fixed capital or depreciation.

Brief note on Green GNP

For a long period of time GNP has been used by economists as a measure of economic development. However, these days, so many objections have been raised for using GNP as an indicator of economic development by economists.

Classify Pisces upto sub-class giving salient features and examples

The super class Pisces (L., Piscis, fish) includes all the fishes which are essentially aquatic forms with paired fins for swimming and gills for locomotion. About 40,000 species of fishes are known. Various workers have provided different schemes of their classification.

Difference between Promissory note and bill of exchange

The following are the points of distinction between a promissory note and a bill of exchange : In a bill of exchange, there is an unconditional order to pay, while in a promissory note there is an unconditional promise to pay.

Short note on food adulteration

Precautions before sowing a crop are that before sowing a crop, the field is leveled and ploughed. The seed may be treated with fungicides to check diseases. Now the seed may be…

Brief note on the formation of earth

The formation of earth took place as a cold aggregate of planetesimals. These were mainly made of compounds of silicon, Iron and magnesium with traces of other elements. As more and more planets collided …

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