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Do you want to visit The Great Northern Plain of India?

Do you want to visit The Great Northern Plain of India?. Here are some of the basic information your must know.  The great northern plain is situated between the Himalayas in the north and the peninsular plateau in the south, arid and semi-arid plains of Rajasthan..

Everything you need to know about the Northern Mountains of India

Everything you need to known about the Northern Mountains of India. The young fold moun­tainous chain Himalayas rise to over 8,000 meters from the sea level. They run in an east-west direc­tion along the entire northern boundary of India for 2400 kms. The mountainous ranges are about 240 to 500 kms.

Complete information on the northern plains of India

The Northern Fertile Plain lies to the south of Himalayan Region. It is also called the Gangetic Plain. It is a vast plain and level land between the Himalayas in the North and Deccan Plateau in the South.

Complete information on life at Northern Plains of India

To the south of the Himalayas are the Northern Plains. They stretch from Punjab in the north-west to Assam in the east. As the name suggest the plains are vast, flat areas. The soil in these plains is mostly fertile.

Useful information on the Northern Plains of India

Uttar Pradesh lies to the west of Bihar. It is the most populous state of India. In the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh rice, sugarcane, pulses and maize and the main crops while wheat is the main crop of western Uttar Pradesh.

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