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What is the importance of Minerals to human body?

They are found in compounds essential for the functioning of the body, e.g., iodine in thyroxin, zinc in insulin, Cobalt in Vitamin B12, sulphur in thiamine and iron in hemoglobin.

Short Notes on the Types of Minerals

Minerals are classified in several ways. Geologists classify minerals according to their chemical composition and crystalline structure. Some minerals consist of only one element, while others of two or more elements.

Paragraph on minerals

These are natural chemical compounds, uniforms in composition and structure, and constituents of rocks and ores.

How do plants absorb water and minerals from the soil ?

Land plants absorb water from the soil mostly by root hairs. Root hairs are unicellular, thin-walled outgrowths of epidermis. They are in close contact with the thin film of water surrounding the soil particles.

What are the main health benefits provided by Proteins and Minerals ?

Proteins are nutrients in food that help our bodies to grow. Proteins help the body to repair old and worn-out cells of the body and replace them with new cells. Meat, pulses, eggs, milk, fish, beans and chicken are some foods that are rich in proteins. Babies and growing children need protein in large quantities.

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