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Notes on features and role of the Military forces of India

The military force plays a crucial role not only in society but also in politics of a state. Unlike bureaucracy, Military does not have the same day to day impact on political system but the truth is that in today’s world no country feels free form the politics of military intervention.

5 most important Motives of Military intervention in India

National motives become a factor when military intervention is based on officer’s conception of the national interest. For example, in Pakistan the threat of national disintegration prompted military intervention in October 1958.

How to control excess Military mechanisms in a country ?

The mechanisms and methods through which political control can be exerted varies in different forms of governments. They can be broadly classified under two heads- Samuel Huntington (1957) described them as ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’; while Eric Nordlinger (1977) used the terms ‘Liberal’ and ‘Penetration’.

What are the Characteristics of the Indian Military?

Alan Ball has beautifully described the characteristics of the military. In the words of Ball “The armed forces have characteristic features which distinguish them from other groups in all political systems and these characteristics would lead one to expect that the military would intervene more frequently than it does”.

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