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6 important Commercial Methods Of Food Preservation

It is the preservation of food in sealed containers, usually after the application of heat, through steam under pressure. During the process of canning part of the micro-organisms are destroyed and the rest are rendered inactive.

What are the important scientific methods of food preparation?

Food preparation is much more than a science; it is an art: for it is linked with the total cultural pattern of people. Food preparation requires a sense of discrimination in the blending of flavours as well as of textures, colours and shapes.  

2 essential methods used for staining of protozoa

Two methods are available for the staining of protozoa: 1) Iron-haematoxylin stain 2) Wheatley’s tnchome stain. The iron haematoxylin staining is the older method and is more diffi­cult.

What are the methods used for acid fast staining?

It is done by Zeal Nelson’s method. It is based on the fact that after staining with aniline dyes, tubercle bacilli resist discolor- station with acids. It consists of 3 steps.

Short notes on the natural methods of family planning

They include i. Basal body temperature (BPT) ii. Cervical mucus method iii. Symptothermic method. These methods involve recognition of some physiological signs and symptoms associated with ovulation.

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