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Application of Marginal Costing

Learn about the applications of Marginal Costing:-  1. Cost control 2. Profit Planning 3.  Performance evaluation 4. Fixation of selling price 5. Selection of most profitable product mix 6. Make or Buy decision  7. Shut down or continue decision 8. Effect of changes in selling price 9. Level of activity planning 10. Product Diversification 11. Sell or Further Process Decision [...]

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Marginal Costing

Marginal Costing is a management technique of dealing with cost data. It is based primarily on the behavioural study of cost. Marginal costing provides this vital information to management and it helps in the discharge of its functions like c6st control, profit planning, performance evaluation and decision-making. Marginal costing plays its key role in decision making. It is a technique [...]

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