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Brief note on Blood of Mammal

Mammalian blood is composed of a liquid part called plasma and solid part includes corpuscles. Blood corpuscles are R.B.C. (Red blood corpuscles), W.B.C. (White Blood Corpuscles) and Blood Platelets.

Brief note on Respiration in Mammal

The respiratory passage in mammals includes external mares, nasal chamber, respiratory chamber, nasopharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and two lungs. Inside the lungs the bronchus capillaries ending in alveoli.

Complete information on the respiratory system of mammal

Respiration takes place only through the lungs in mammal. Lungs are situated in the pleural cavities found in the thorax. The respiratory channel is separated from the food channel by the presence of palate. The respiratory system of rabbit comprises nasal chambers, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs.

Complete information on the Circulatory System of Mammal

Heart of mammal is conical in structure, present in between two lungs inside the thoracic cavity. It is covered by an outer love covering called pericardium. The broad end of heart is called the base and the conical end is called the apex on heart. Mammalian heart is four chambered, having two auricles and two […]

Why Teeth of mammal are heterodont?

Teeth of mammal are heterodont i.e., they are not alike or similar. Secondly teeth are lodged in suckets or alveoli. Thirdly teeth are of to types i.e. deciduous or milk teeth and successional or permanent teeth. Teeth are present in edges of jaw, while the vomerine teeth are absent. Teeth are four types like;

Write a brief note on Alimentary canal of mammal

The digestive system of rabbit also consists of alimentary canal and associated digestive glands. The alimentary canal is much long and coiled which is in relation to herbivorous habit. Because vegetable food is usually more complex man the animal matter and needs a more complex treatment in the alimentary canal.

Explain the physiology of digestion in mammal/human being

The component of the normal diet includes carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Out of these constituents water, vitamins, minerals, free monosacharides and free amino acids can be absorbed interest of body absent such.

Complete information on the process of Protein Digestion in Mammal

Digestion is a hydrolytic process in which complex food materials are mechanically and enzymatically broken down into simpler soluble forms. Proteins are polymers of amino acid residues which are joined end to end by peptide bonds. Proteolytic enzymes break down the peptide bonds.

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