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What is the main cause of Jaundice?

This disease is caused by Leptospira ictero hemorrhage. The organism enters the body through cuts in skin and by consuming food which is infected by rat urine and rat droppings.

Notes on the main functions of Thyroid gland of human body

The thyroid gland lies in the lower part of the neck. It is a highly vascular gland, brownish red in colour and surrounded by a fibrous capsule. It consists of two lobes lying one on either side of the trachea and joined together by a strip of thyroid tissue called the isthmus or the thyroid.

Notes on the main functions of Physical Education in India

The main function of any subject in a school is to plan educational experience which will enrich the whole personality of the child, with a special emphasis on the subject medium of expression. The subject medium of phy­sical education is physical activity, in its various forms.

6 main causes of Poverty in rural India

Literally, poverty means scarcity or few. From social and economic point of view, it refers to that state or condition which fails to provide minimum necessities of life. Thus, poverty leads to extreme lower standard of living, denying even the basic requirements of life to a vast majority of population.

What are the main Objectives of pre-approach ?

The main objectives of pre-approach are (i) To provide additional qualifying information. (ii) To design an effective approach strategy; (iii) To better the planning information;(iv) To avoid serious errors; and (v) To build confidence.

What are the main functions of Chloroplast ?

There is three major types of plastids on the basis of their colour. They are: (i) Chloroplast, (ii) Chromoplast, and (iii) Leucoplast. From these three the chloroplasts are of wide occurrence and of photosynthetic pigment the chlorophyll. Chloroplasts are present in all green coloured eukaryotic cells.

What are the main causes of soil erosion ?

Soil erosion refers to all physical processes that loosen or tear-off soil particles and displace the detached particles from the parent sites. Much of the erosion is due to instability of land mass , gravity and the balance is directly lost due to excessive moisture or water in the earth mass.

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