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Write short notes on Franking Machine and Addressing Machine

Franking machine is a machine used to affix postage stamp on outward letters and envelopes. In big offices where hundred of outgoing letters require stamping franking machine is of great value because this machine can print the impressions of postal stamps of various denominations.

What are the uses of calculating machine in office ?

Mental calculations done for hours together are tiring and as such calculating machines are used for doing multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. The most important figuring jobs where calculating machines are used are:

What is a imprinting machine?

The machines used to imprint names and addresses of persons who are on regular contact with the firms. The imprinting machines are addressing machine, franking machine and impression stamps.

What are the advantages of calculating machine in an office ?

A calculating machine is a machine, which performs the job of multiplication, division and calculation. These machines can be operated electrically or manually. These machines are commonly known as calculators. The advantages of these machines are:

What are the advantages of using office machine?

Now-a-days machines are becoming more and more essential to the efficient running of a modern office. A few years ago type­writers alone was found in offices, but today we have machines for almost all operations.

Can we compare an organism with a machine ?

An organism can be compared to machines used for various purpose. Each part of a machine carries out a specific function and a collection of parts performs diverse functions. The total structure and co-ordinate functions, both in organisms and in machines, make them an organized identity.

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