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7 Importance of Legal Literacy

What are the 7 Importance of Legal Literacy? Legal literacy is that where one needs to have some broad information about legal provisions and processes. Legal literacy is the elementary knowledge of law and not an expert knowledge of an advocate.

1068 words essay on National Literacy Mission

1068 words essay on National Literacy Mission. Realizing that the eradication of illiteracy from a vast country like India beset by several social and economic hurdles..

777 words free essay on Literacy in India

777 words free essay on Literacy in India. Talk to a politician or a bureaucrat about the fate of education lie would immediately shift to literacy.

Short essay on literacy: Key to development

Our awareness notwithstanding, our ranking in the annual HRD (Human Resource Development) report (educational status is an integral part of this report) issued by the UNDP is somewhere nears the rock bottom.

Notes on the “Literacy and Women’s Empowerment” by Sushama Sahay

The author presents her views on women’s empowerment and equality through education. Education can elevate women the height of making decision along with men in the society. Literacy can help women in rural and deprived sectors to exercise choice in the monetized sector.

Essay on Adult Literacy and Education

For the purpose of census, a person is deemed as literate if he/she can read and write any language with understanding. In the 1991 census, the question on literacy was canvassed only for population aged seven years and above, unlike earlier censuses which took into account population of five years and above for this purpose.

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