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8 ways in which liberty can be safeguarded in a modern State

8 ways in which liberty can be safeguarded in a modern State. Liberty is the most cherished idea of man. Liberty is the product of rights. Prof. Laski points out, “There cannot be any liberty without rights because without rights men are the subject of laws…

522 words short essay on liberty

522 words short essay on liberty. Liberty means absence of restraint. It means free choice. However, it is not negative. It does not mean absence of law and regula­tion.

Brief notes on five different types of Liberty

Brief notes on five different types of Liberty. It is the liberty which men enjoyed in the imaginary ‘state of nature’ when civil society did not exist. It is generally identified with unlimited and unrestricted freedom.

1057 words short essay on Liberty

1057 words short essay on Liberty. The word liberty is derived from the Latin word ‘liber’ which means freedom. In its derivative sense, therefore, liberty means absence of all restraints and freedom to do whatever one likes.

What do you mean by the term Liberty and Equality?

It is hard to define liberty in definite terms since it is used in a variety of senses. It conveys different ideas to different persons. With a capitalist or an industrialist, liberty lies in his freedom to earn as much profit as..

Essay on the Importance of Liberty and Democracy in India

Essay on the  Importance of Liberty and Democracy in India. Crime and terrorism cannot be eliminated by harsh and draconian laws, which will curb liberty, violate the Constitution, and impede India’s scientific and economic progress.

1150 words essay on Liberty

Liberty is a magic concept which has inspired millions to revolt and the history of mankind is nothing but the story of liberty. It is a concept with magical touch for which people still prefer to die.

The following are some of the safeguards of liberty

Liberty is the most precious thing for an individual and effective steps are needed for its safeguards. From time immemorial there is tussle between the authority of the state and the liberties of the people.

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