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What are the different levels of management?

Top-level management denotes chief executives like managing director and the general manager who issues instructions on the basis of the policy framed by the board of directors. The functional managers, office superintendent and departmental managers are included in middle level management group.

What are the normal blood pressure levels for an adult person ?

The pressure of flow of blood in the aorta and its main branches is defined as blood pressure. The heart has to develop a high pressure so that blood can be pumped through the fine capillaries. This blood pressure varies from one part of body to another.

What do you mean by Higher Levels organisms ?

Beyond organism level, there are still higher levels of organization. The following higher levels of organization can be recognized. Each organism is a member of a particular species. All the members or individuals of a particular species found in locality constitute a population. For example, you are an individual of the species Homo sapiens.

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