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Relationship between the Legislature and the Executive

Relationship between the Legislature and the Executive. One cannot be strictly separate and independent of the other. It is observed in practice that in every state the legislature partakes in the work of the executive and vice versa.

What are the functions performed by the modern LegisĀ­lature?

Of the three organs of government through which the will of the state is expressed and carried out, the legislature occupies the most important place. The executive and the judiciary work on the basis of the laws made by the legislature.

Notes on the State Legislature in Indian States

‘The organisation of State Legislature in Indian States are not the same. In some states they are bicameral while in most others they are unicameral. In view of lack of financial resources in some states the makers of the constitution have made it optional on the part of the states to decide for themselves the […]

Notes on the advantages and disadvantages of Indian Legislature

Legislature are constituted on different principles of legislature composed of a single chamber is known as Unicameral legislature. Unicameral legislatures were popular in U.S.A and France in 18th century. The experience with unicameral legislature however was not a happy one. It created much of political instability, anarchy and violence.

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