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Why some people criticize The Legal Theory of Rights?

Why some people criticize The Legal Theory of Rights? According to this theory right are created and maintained by the state. The state formulates the enforces them and can restrict their scope.

446 words essay on legal Rights of a person

Essay on legal Rights of a person Rights are conditions essential for development of personality of man. According to Laski, rights are those conditions of social life without which no man can be at his best.

A careful study of Austin’s theory of legal sovereignty

A careful study of Austin’s theory of legal sovereignty. Austin was an English jurist of the 19th century. He belongs to the classical school of thought. The theory of sovereignty finds perfection in his hands.

7 Importance of Legal Literacy

What are the 7 Importance of Legal Literacy? Legal literacy is that where one needs to have some broad information about legal provisions and processes. Legal literacy is the elementary knowledge of law and not an expert knowledge of an advocate.

Short essay on Legal Empowerment Of Women in India

We know well enough that one of the main reasons for the declining sex ratio is the well-entrenched prejudice against the girl child, goading the parents to go in for a selective abortion.

Legal Essay on the High Court of India

The High Court is at the apex of the judicial administration of the state. Art 214 of the Constitution provides that there shall be a High Court for each state of the Indian union.

Brief notes on the concept of Legal Rights

We have mentioned earlier that a person is an entity clothed with certain rights and duties. The sources of different rights may be customary, statutory, contractual, tortuous, personal law, etc.

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