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182 Words Paragraph on learning Cycling

My elder brother helped me to learn how to ride a bicycle. One fine summer morning he took me on his cycle to a nearby playground. It was a large, open and level ground, and all deserted. My brother made me sit on the seat of the bicycle and place my feet on the pedals.

Short notes on Learning and Maturation

A new born baby is the most helpless creature in the world. His head is too large for his body His legs .and feet are too small. He cannot stand or even hold his head up.

What are the essential conditions required for Learning?

Learning is possible under certain desirable conditions. The conditions may be physical, psychological or sociological. A child is not ready to learn a particular thing in a particular time. He is to be mature for certain types of learning after specific time.

242 words Paragraph on Learning

Individual begins to learn after his birth and goes on learning till death. He learns through living and tries to adapt himself to the environment around him. There are therefore many factors in his life, in his environment and in his mental set up which influence his learning.

Contribution of Attention and Interest in Learning

There are mainly three types of mental activity-knowing, feeling and willing. We must attend to a particular thing at first in order to know, feel or act. Attention is common to all these mental activities. It is a pre-condition to them and is always present in conscious life. It is a characteristic of our consciousness.

What is the importance of Attention in Learning?

Attention is the focus of consciousness, which is compared with a stream that flows constantly. All our thoughts, sensation, ideas and experience constitute this stream of consciousness.

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