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Leadership Styles

Leadership style means the pattern of behaviour a leader follows or adopts for influencing the followers or the subordinates working in the enterprise. What style of leadership a leader adopts depends on an array of factors such as his personality traits, value system and experience. Leadership style varies from person to person at the same […]


Leadership is the ability to get people to do what you want them to do, because they want to do it. It stands for the relation between an individual and the group around some common interest and behaving in a manner directed by him or her. Thus, leadership is a personal quality through which the […]

Leadership Theories

Leadership is the process of influencing the behavior and activities of an individual or a group for achieving common goals. Thus, the existence of a leader is very essential to guide, inspire and direct the activities of a group. Now, the question arises that how leaders are developed. Leadership remains one of the most important […]

Role of Management to Develop quality of Leadership

Leadership behavior is defined as behavior on the part of one individual which influences the behavior of other individuals. Therefore, leadership behavior is assumed to be one important element of manage­ment of human resource.

833 words sample essay on Intuition And Leadership

833 words sample essay on Intuition And Leadership. It is often heard that intuition is the key to success. Intuition is similar to knowing something for certain without knowing it for sure.

Article on Training for Leadership

It is said some are born great, some become great and to some greatness is thrust upon. We see in every society, in every community, in every group of people, there is bound to be someone who emerges above the others and who acts as a guide or a lead.

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