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Essay on Soil and Land Pollution

Essay on Soil and Land Pollution. Land is the main resource for agriculture and we have to produce more and more from less and less land to feed our growing population.

What are the Causes of Land Degradation?

A process which tends to wear down the land surface it is usually applied to a river and involves the deepening of its valley by the river. Soil erosion is a serious problem in hills, arid and semi-arid areas.

7 essential methods for conserving our land resources

According to Natural Resources Management Division, Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, we can conserve our land resources by adopting the following measures:

An Essay on Craze for Foreign

We Indians are madly after everything foreign—dress, manners, food, education and what not. Indian music is considered to be inferior to ‘disco’ and ‘jaaz’. The feminine shyness has been replaced by the blunt talks and staring looks of the ladies.

Brief note on the Consolidation of Land holdings in India

In India, we have right to property and inheritance. The successors have to inherit the property of their predecessors. Consequently, land has to be sub-divided among the successors after the death of the predecessor.

5 consequences of failure of redistribution of land in India

The failure of land redistribution programme resulted in an inequitable distribution of land in the village economy and accentuated the gap between the rich and the poor. The following are the consequence of such a failure.

5 essential causes of failure of redistribution of land in India

The objective of redistribution of land could not be achieved due to the following reasons. In the power structure of the country, the big landlords have considerable political influence. After independence, these landlords became a part and parcel of the administration in the democratic process and tried to safeguard their own interest.

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