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What are the different kinds of elasticity of supply?

What are the different kinds of elasticity of supply? Elasticity of supply of a commodity is the degree of responsiveness of the quantity supplies to changes in price. Like the elasticity of demand, the elasticity of supply..

Brief note on the process and kinds of digestion in mammals

With the entry of food into the alimentary canal, the salts and water are found absorbed in it. But other particles composing the food are so large that they cannot be absorbed directly. It is necessary to break down them to fine particles for diffusion. This process is called digestion and is brought about by […]

What are Hundis and what are its kinds ?

Hundis are instruments drawn by Indians in an oriental language. These are bills of exchange in vernacular language. Hundis have been in existence in this country from very ancient times and have been recognized…

What are the different Kinds of Partnership that you can do in India ?

The partnership may be broadly divided into two kinds such as general partnership and limited partnership. The partnership arises from agreement among persons who share the profits of a business with joint and separate liability, the business being carried on by all the partners or any of them acting on behalf of others.

Write short note on Polyploidy, its origin and kinds

Each species has a characteristic number of chromosomes in its somatic cells. The chromosome number in gametic cell constitute the basic set of chromosomes of genome which called as haploid It becomes diploid in zygote on fertilization. Any change in number of basic chromosome set of variation in normal.

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