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Brief notes on Syed Ahmed Khan and Aligarh Movement

Brief notes on Syed Ahmed Khan and Aligarh Movement. Syed Ahmad Khan was the first man to start a reform movement among the Muslims. This movement was known as the Aligarh Movement. To him Quran was the only authentic scripture for Islam..

Syed Ahmed Khan and the Aligarh Movement

Syed Ahmed Khan wanted to remove the bitter enmity between Muslims and the British government, to interpret Islam and living it in conformity with modern science and philosophy.

Who was Liaquat Ali Khan ?

Liaquat Ali Khan championed the rights of Muslims and was a prominent member of the Muslim League. He was instrumental in bringing about negotiations between the Congress and the League in 1944, which resulted in the Liaquat-Desai Pact.

Biography of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Born in village Uttamazai (now in Pakistan) in a Pathan family, Abdul Ghaffar Khan had his early education in Peshawar. He was then sent to Aligarh, where he had the opportunity of meeting several educationists and nationalists, including Reverend Wigram (his principal), Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru and Abul Kalam Azad.

Short biography of Hakim Ajmal Khan

“Hindu-Muslim unity was the breath of his nostrils”—. so stated Mahatma Gandhi after the death of this great leader of Hindu-Muslim unity and the struggle for independence.

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