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What is the importance of Irrigation in India?

What is the importance of Irrigation in India? The rainfall of our country is dependent on the monsoons. Rainfall controls our agriculture. But the agriculture of our country is said to be, “the gambling of the monsoon” as the monsoon rainfalls are uncertain, irregular and uneven or unequal.

Essay on the modes of irrigation in India

Free sample essay on the modes of irrigation in India. The water of a reservoir or tank usually remains at a higher level, and when a channel is connected to it, water automatically flows down the channel which serves the purpose of a canal for irrigating the land.

What are the Effects of Irrigation on Desert?

The physical conditions and geomorphic processes have undergone considerable modification in those deserts and their margins where substantial irrigation has been introduced.

Complete information on 9 drawbacks that are checking the progress of Irrigation in India

Irrigation is essential for agricultural operations where rainfall is deficient and erratic. It eliminates or at least reduces the dependence of agriculture on the vagaries of rainfall. While some areas of our country have plenty and near-assured rainfall, there are also vast areas with uncertain rainfall, thus spelling out the desirability of a system of […]

What are the means of irrigation used in India ?

India is an agricultural country. About seventy per cent of its people depend on agriculture. Watering is essential for the crops. Agriculture is not possible without water. We have to depend on rains for water for our fields, but we do not get rains throughout the year.

What are the factors that affect irrigation requirements?

Different crops require specific amounts of water at various stages of their growth and ripening. Some crops need more water whereas others require less water. For example, paddy crop is transplanted in standing water and requires continuous irrigation whereas others crops like wheat, gram or cotton do not require so much water.

What is the importance of Irrigation?

Irrigation maintains moisture in the soil. Moisture is necessary for the germination of seeds. Seeds do not grow in dry soil. That is why irrigation is done before tilling.

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