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Essay on Cottage and Small Scale Industries in India

There are three types of industries, 1. Major or heavy or large scale industries, 2. Small-scale industries and 3. Village or cottage industries. In the first two categories, machinery is used and less number of men is employed.

Here is your brief note on Large Scale Industries

In India, industries with a fixed asset of more than one hundred million rupees are called large scale industries. These could be manufacturing units or others which use both indigenous and imported technologies.

140 words paragraph on Small Scale Industries

Small-scale industries are manufacturing units, mainly making accessories for large-scale industries, using mostly indigenous technology. They are usually situated in the vicinity of large-scale industries.

Brief notes on small industries development organization in India

SIDO helps in giving technical and managerial inputs, making project reports and training entrepreneurs of small scale industries. It maintains a close contact with financial and training institutions, Government and other agencies for the promotion and development of small industrial units.

What are the Objectives and Functions of District Industries Centre?

The ‘District Industries Centre’ (DICs) programme was started by the central government in 1978 with the objective of providing a focal point for promoting small, tiny, cottage and village industries in a particular area and to make available to them all necessary services and facilities at one place.

What do you mean by the term sickness in Small Scale Industries ?

Sickness in man is gradual process and does not develop suddenly. Similar is the case with industrial units. Therefore, in common parlance, a sick industry is one which is not healthy and a healthy unit is one which earns a reasonable return on capital employed and builds up reserves after providing reasonable depreciation.

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