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Workers’s Participation in Management: Meaning, Objectives, Importance and Methods

Workers’ participation is a system where worker and management share important information with each other and participate in decision taking. It is viewed as industrial democracy based on the principles of equity, equality and voluntarism. It gives right to the worker representatives to criticise and offer constructive suggestions for better management. The word ‘participation’ means […]

Collective Bargaining in India

Collective Bargaining is a bipartite democratic decision-making process and a form of industrial government and management. Though originally it emerged as a method of trade unionism in industries to determine wages and other terms and conditions of labour, today it includes within its scope the non-industrial sector, including government, and covers a wide range of […]

Labour Welfare

Everything you need to know about labour welfare. Labour welfare means “such services, facili­ties and amenities which may be established in, or in the vicinity of, an undertaking to enable the persons employed in them to perform their work in healthy, congenial surroundings and provided with amenities conducive to good health and high morale”. Labour […]

Wage Payment Systems: 4 Major Systems

Wages, in the widest sense mean, any economic compensation paid by the employer under some contract to his workers for the services rendered by them. Wages, therefore, include family allowance, relief pay, financial support and other benefits. But, in the narrower sense wages are the price paid for the services of labour in the process […]

What is the Importance of Large Scale Industries?

What is the Importance of Large Scale Industries? Every country needs exploring of coal, iron and steel, exploring of oil and its purification, heavy machineries, heavy electrical equipments, heavy chemicals, ships and aero planes, industries of heavy and basic industries for its development.

397 words short essay on Cottage Industries

Before the establishment and expansion of factories, there was cottage industry in India. Cottage industry is also known as home industry. It means the manufacturing of goods at home by hands. For this purpose, very small capital is needed.

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