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Free essay on the Role of Black Money in National Income

Free essay on the Role of Black Money in National Income. The very concept of black money has undergone a great change. In 1950s and early 60s evasion of income tax by big industrialists and businessmen was considered the source of black money.

How to manage your family income effectively?

The family income includes all the goods and services from various sources such as salaries of the members of the family, income from land or other immovable property owned by the family.

Brief note on National Income Accounts

Statistical statements relating to these aspects and aggregates of national income are known as National Income Accounts. These accounts are maintained in the form of double entry system.

Brief note on National Income Accounting

National income accounting is a method or format of presenting and preparing national income statistics. National Income accounting adopts the principles of business accounting for the estimation of National Income.

What precautions are necessary while calculating national income according to income method?

The following precautions should be taken while calculating national income using income method: (i) All kinds of transfer payments are not to be included in the national income. This is so be­cause these are unilateral payments. (ii) The value of the output kept for self-consumption and the imputed rent of the self-occupied house are included […]

Difference between National Income and Personal Income

National income is an earning concept whereas personal income is a receiving concept. National income signifies what is earned by the normal residents of a country whereas personal income signifies what factors actually get whether they earn it or do not earn it.

Essay on distribution of national income

Distribution refers to that branch of Economics, which analyses how the national income of community is divided among the various factors of production. This is known as functional or factor distribution. On the other hand, division of national income among individuals of a country is called personal distribution.

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