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Theories of Wages

Payment of wages differs from industry to industry and also it differs from country to country. The payment of wages is payment by time, payment by result, and also payment by piece rate, etc. Wages are fixed as a result of individual bargaining, collective bargaining or by public or State regulation. How wages are determined has been the subject of [...]

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Performance Management

Performance management is a way of systematically managing all such people for innovation, goal focus, productivity and satisfaction- it is a goal-congruent win-win plan. Performance management's main aim is to ensure success for all managees - and all task teams- who believe in its approach, and implement it with sincerity and commitment. The managees' success must reflect in the organizations [...]

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Succession Planning

Succession planning refers to the plans, which a company formulates to fill its most important executive positions. In practice the process of succession planning involves a fairly complicated and integrated series of steps. According to American Society for Training and Development, "Succession planning entails identification of employees who possess the skills to meet future organizational challenges". Learn about: 1. Introduction [...]

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Placement is a process of assigning suitable jobs to employees. It is a systematic approach to assign the right person for the right job. It is the most important human resource function of all, simply because both allocating a wrong job to the right person or assigning a wrong person to the right job will cause heavy damage to the [...]

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Selection Process

The selection process consists of a series of stages and at every stage the candidates who are identified as unqualified or unfit are eliminated to select the best candidates among the pool of applicants. Selection process begins after completion of the recruitment process. In other words, after an adequate number of persons have responded to the organization's request to present [...]

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Job Design

Job design is a process that integrates work contents (tasks, functions, relationship) the rewards (extrinsic and intrinsic) and the qualification required (skill, knowledge, abilities) for each job in a way that meets the needs of employees and organizations. Job design can be described as a deliberate attempt to structure the technical aspects of work and it encompasses the organising components [...]

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Human Resource Development

The HRD is a mechanism, which ensures the development of employee's dynamism, effectiveness, competencies and motivation in a systematic and the planned manner as it has multiple goals which include development of organizational climate through employees' competency and improving their motivation. HRD is a strategy to transform human resource inputs into better outputs. The inputs are the individuals, groups and [...]

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Workers’s Participation in Management: Meaning, Objectives, Importance and Methods

Workers’ participation is a system where worker and management share important information with each other and participate in decision taking. It is viewed as industrial democracy based on the principles of equity, equality and voluntarism. It gives right to the worker representatives to criticise and offer constructive suggestions for better management. The word 'participation' means sharing the decision-making power with [...]

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Methods of Training and Development

Training methods are means of attaining the desired objectives in a learning situation. Today, training methods offer something for everyone — from initial employment to pre-retirement courses for those who are due to retire soon. These methods can be grouped into some categories on various bases. Some of the methods of employee training and development are:- 1. Classroom Instruction 2. [...]

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Recruitment is the development and maintenance of adequate and efficient manpower sources. It is a very important process of attracting candidates who have required skills, abilities, qualities etc. to meet the job vacancies in an organisation. The function of recruitment is to locate the sources of manpower to meet job requirements. Recruitment is concerned with listing the candidates for consideration [...]

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