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Human Life is Boon or Bane?

Today life depends on science. It moves on the wheels of science. Due to science many latest technologies come out in the world and these technologies have become a part of man’s life like cell phones, laptops, computers, Lcd etc.

Essay on the organismic theory of the origin of human society

Essay on the organismic theory of the origin of human society. Organismic theory is another vital theory of the origin of human society. Plato, Aristotle, Herbert Spencer, Spengler and Novico were the main exponents of this theory.

Here is your brief note on the universal human rights

Here is your brief note on the universal human rights. Rights are considered to be fundamental conditions for devel­opment of human personality. The importance of basic human rights was recognized by the U.N.O.

Ten Human Values which are common in all Religions.

The following human values which are common in all religions are as follows: (i) There is only one God. His name may be different. (ii) Celebration of birthday of founder of a religion.

Mizo Insurgency Vis-as-vis Human Rights

The Mizo Insurgency was broke out in 1966 with the declaration of Mizoram Independence from the Indian Union by the Mizo National Front.

Controversial Essay on Cruelty to Animals to Save Human Beings

Controversial Essay on Cruelty to Animals to Save Human Beings. In the late eighties an Indian was demonstrating the skill of his bear in ‘Festival of India’ in Germany. Members of a humanist group caught hold of the man and he was sent back to India.

Sample essay on Human Brain Project

Free Sample essay on Human Brain Project. Human brain project refers to experiment and research started by a group of scientists in America from 1993 on brain to find its structure, composition, functioning and development.

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