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323 words free sample essay on hobbies

Free sample words short essay on hobbies. The word hobby is derived from ‘hobby horse’ which is a, stick fitted with a wooden horse’s head which children ride astride for their amusement.

Essay on Educative Value of Hobbies

Man is to be differentiated from machine and other mechanical devices by the fact that he cannot work like those. Curious as he is, he wants diversions, shuns dull regularity and hates to be mechanical Under such circumstances the hobbies come to the rescue and afford some relief.

372 Words Essay on Hobbies for School Students

It is a very good habit to have hobbies. Without them life becomes a boredom. They give us relaxation or amusement. But it should be noted that all recreations and amusements are not hobbies; for example gossiping, going to a talkie, or attending a musical performance are not hobbies.

457 words short essay on hobbies

A hobby is work which we do casually during leisure. It is an activity to overcome boredom. It gives relaxation and recreation first to the mind and then to the body. It has no profit or income motive. It is an act done to derive pleasure.

436 words descriptive essay on hobbies

Properly, a hobby is any interesting subject or pursuit, not our main business, which we take up for our amusement in our leisure hours. What is a business to one man may be a hobby to another.

Write a 500 words essay on hobbies and interest

Acharya Prafullachandra Roy, who in his days used so much to influence, the minds of Youngman, was never tried of reminding them, ‘Every Englishman rides a hobby-horse”.

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