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Everything you ought to know about human blood groups?

Blood from one person cannot always be safely mixed with that of another, because of the transfusion reaction which could occur due to the presence or absence of agglutinogens and agglutinins in blood.

10 outstanding importances of Primary Groups

The primary groups are considered to be equally important for the individual and society. They are the medium through which we learn our culture. They prepare the individuals to lead a successful social life. The primary groups perform the following functions:

How groups are classified in Sociology ?

Different sociologists have classified groups in different ways. While some thinkers have given a simple classification, other has given an elaborate classificatory scheme.

What do you mean by Social Groups ?

Man is a social animal. He does not live in isolation. His daily life is made up largely of participating in groups. So, men everywhere live in groups, such as family, clan, tribe, community etc.

What do you mean by the term Group marriage?

Groups’ marriage is otherwise known as ‘Cenogamy’. It is that type of marriage in which a group of men marry a group of women. Here, the husbands are common husbands and wives are common wives.

Into which two main groups are animals generally classified?

Classification means arranging things into groups. There are many living things in surroundings. To make learning simple, we must classify them first. Scientists use similarities and differences to classify living things into groups.

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