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What do you mean by Secondary Group ?

Secondary groups may be defined as those associations which are characterized by impersonal or secondary relations. In every respect, they are opposite of primary groups.

Who else wants to know the secret of group influence on buying motives ?

In the area of psychological determinants of consumer behaviour, it is seen from the point view of an individual and how buying motives make him to behave this way or that way ever, man is a social animal and, therefore, sociologist and social psychologists have attempted to explain the behaviour of a group of individuals […]

What are the characteristics of Secondary Group in sociology ?

Secondary group is a large group in which a large number of persons come into indirect contact with one another. Sometimes these groups are called, “Special Interest Groups”., City, nation, political party, trade union etc. are the bright examples of secondary groups.

What is the importance of secondary group in sociology ?

Like primary group, secondary group is of special significance in modern society, and of which the large scale organisation is the most outstanding example. A secondary group is one which is large in size, such as, city, nation, political party, labour union etc.

What is group layout and process layout?

The arrangement of men, equipments and departments within the available floor space is called office layout. There are two types of layout called group layout and process layout.

Write a short note on different types of Blood Group

As blood is a life-saving fluid, it is often required for transfusions during operations and accidents. Without knowing its group it cannot be donated or received. The blood groups fall into four categories.

How do the atomic properties vary in a group ?

All elements in a group generally show the same valence. From the values given in the above table, the valence of the main group elements is either equal to the number of valence electrons or 8-number of valence electrons.

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