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Term Paper on Forests | Geography

Here is a term paper on ‘Forests’. Find paragraphs, long and short term papers on ‘Forests’ especially written for school and college students. Term Paper on Forests Term Paper # 1. Introduction to Forest: Forests are areas with rich biodiversity that provide us with services and goods on which our wellbeing depends upon. Forests produce […]

Key notes on Geography of India in the Aryan Era

Key notes on Geography of India in the Aryan Era. The Godwin system derives its name from the kingdom of the Gonads, an ancient tribe of central India. The rocks of this system were deposited in a series of large rivers of lake basins which later sank along trough faults among the ancient rocks.

Notes on the Modern Concept of Geography

Geography is one of the most important school subjects. It is no longer identified with mere study of features of a limited area, but with detailed study of the earth as the abode of men and his environment.

What are the main objectives of teaching geography to students?

Objectives of teaching a subject strongly influences the organization of curriculum and at the same time provides guidelines for the methods of approach. Objectives are usually governed by the needs of the young pupils and these are of two types:

What is the best way to teach Geography?

The planet upon which we live is surrounded by a cover of gases called the atmosphere. More than 99% of it is made of two gases (Nitrogen 78% and Oxygen 21%) and all other components together make up about one percent of the atmosphere.

Uses of Map in Teaching of Geography

Maps are perhaps the most important tools of a geographer. The value of maps sin geography teaching cannot be over­estimated. They record definite facts of positions, relief, climate, vegetation, materials and their distribution broadly over the earth, in continents, countries, states.

Uses of Globes in Teaching Geography

A globe is a real necessity, science it is the true model of earth. It is essential in all stages of Geography teaching. It emphasizes the physical unity of the world and shows how one part is related to all the rest.

What are the aims and objectives of teaching Geography to students?

The aims of teaching Geography are intimately connected with the functions and values. Geography teaching aims at nothing less than an understanding of the inter-action of the vast natural environments on the surface of the earth on entire humanity.

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