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What is the Future of Democracy?

What is the Future of Democracy? Future of democracy hangs in the balance. It is standing on cross roads, leading to people’s democracy and capitalist dictatorship.

Short Essay on Future of the Universe

Quite often we are shaken by predictions about the future of the universe. The soothsayers and astrologers often predict or forecast doom and prescribe remedies in the form of appeasing the wrathful planets and deities and so on by performing religious rites and charity.

What is the Future of the Universe?

We now know much about scientific laws that govern matter in all normal situations. But we still do not know the laws that govern matter in very extreme conditions. Unless we know those laws we cannot understand how the universe began.

Essay on Future of Democracy in India

With independence we adopted the British Parliamentary system. Along with it we borrowed the norms evolved by them. But we did not observe them.

Essay on the Future of English Language in India

Foreign language like a foreign plant grows with difficulty on the native soil. That is why the learning of the mother tongue is the labor of love whereas the learning of a foreign language is the love of labor ; one gives hot house existence, another breathes spring time atmosphere.

How Nuclear Energy is the Hope of Future?

Atomic energy is generated by splitting nuclear substances such as the atoms of uranium, thorium, cheralite, zircomium under controlled conditions.

Write an essay on Indian Villages of the Future

There are many in our countries who idealize our villages. Gandhiji was one of them. Rabindranath also had a yearning for the quiet countryside. During the days of non-co-operation, there was a resounding cry—’Back to Villages’.

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