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Should I buy wooden or metallic furniture for my new office ?

Wooden furniture are those furniture which are made of wood like teak wood and rose wood. On the other hand, metal furniture are made of steel, fiber glass or plastic. The following are the differences between wooden furniture.

What are the various types of furniture used in modern office?

Four types of furnitures are found in modern office, These are : (1) General clerical tables — A table which has one or two drawers are called clerical table. These tables serve as a desk, for storage and for sorting. (2) Permanent Fixtures – Almirahs built in wail recesses with plastic or wood veneers are […]

What are the selection criteria of office furniture?

A pivotal part of environment is office furniture. The facility with which an employee identifies himself is called office furniture. The following factors are to be considered at the time of selection of office furniture:

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