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Brief note on the formation of petroleum

When microorganisms living in the sea die, they sink down to the bottom. As the time passes, these are covered by sand and clay. Over a period of million years, due to heat pressure and catalytic action…

Brief note on the formation of earth

The formation of earth took place as a cold aggregate of planetesimals. These were mainly made of compounds of silicon, Iron and magnesium with traces of other elements. As more and more planets collided …

What are the main causes for the formation of the Himalaya Mountain?

According to N.M. Savage, the Himalayas have been caused by plate collision. The forces involved for plate tectonics are similar to those for thermal convection hypothesis. The question of the origin and cause of the Himalaya, therefore, remains open and unresolved and uncertain in the present state of knowledge.

How to form a Cooperative Society in India?

Any group of persons can form a cooperative society of their own if they so like to act jointly for the common benefit of each other. But that is not the legal way of formation the cooperative society. All societies must be formed under the Cooperative Societies Act, 1912 or under the relevant state cooperative […]

How are fossils formed ?

Fossils are the remains of ancient animal and plants preserved in any form (remnants or impressions) by the natural men in the sedimentary rocks or rarely in swamps, in tar pits or in frozen ice. Fossils are classified as (i) original fossil, (ii) frozen fossil, (iii) petrified fossil and (iv) moulds ,casts and prints.

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